That's Me Me Me. Please be SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs. I Have A Message For You. It's Just for you.

I have Anxiety to Nameless TECHNOLOGIC algoritms, феномен электронного голоса and Visioning Shared Tomorrows. I am The Dreamer in a Computer City. I Work, Live and Sleep in Collapsing Space, my hedonic prison.

I also like to play War Games. play or pay!

Sometimes I feel myself a Fragmented Body in The Female Form. As if Yr Body Is Nothing. As if you are in an Abyss, tsunami or Vacuum. I Have Been To Hell And Back And Let Me Tell You, It Was Beautiful. My Heart Beats Blood Flows. But when the Culmination Of Frustration is over, I say to myself Fuck It, We Are All Going to Die anyway and We Only Want Tragedy. Count To Ten! flip u! That's my Stealth. but Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby.

Did I Tell You Last Night that some say I am a Madwoman Bush Baby? "Damn' Shit! Do You Really Think Like That? Fuck You, And Fuck Your Moral!" They say that Historically, Women Use Poison To Kill. They try to create Social Exclusion. Humans around me are Incredibly Agressive. Some thinks that I am a Femmebot, others that I am a Toxe Xic Elektrosmog. They Follow & Mute me, they want me to DELETE MY INTERNET BROWSER HISTORY. But that's my Depravity. You can't Punish me for Fun! Bbhhm... So as you see Nothing Has Changed. have u? Desire and Obsession are my Sisters, my Pleasure And Shame.

Yes, That's Me. That's my Paranoia. But How About you?

That's the end. I Couldn't Care Less of you. Tricky Question Why. How Can I Resist U? I Know I Know I Know, The Words Are Just Sounds. I expect no answer from you.

And please don't cc anyone!


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